Current Campaigns

Current Campaigns
Local Efforts to Reform Economic Development

The founding members of CPWF are currently engaged in numerous campaigns to make development work for our communities. These fall into two categories: efforts to win community benefits at specific development projects, and campaigns to pass broad policies that change the way development is done in an entire municipality. Over the next several years, the resulting agreements and policy reforms will dramatically alter economic development in California’s four largest population centers, East Bay, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose.

East Bay

Pixar Animation Corporate Headquarters
East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE) is leading a campaign for a community benefits agreement that would include an affordable housing, job training, local hiring and the right to organize at this office development project.

Emeryville Community Impact Report
EBASE is heading the effort to pass a Community Impact Report policy for the city of Emeryville.

Los Angeles

Stop Wal-Mart Campaign
The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) and the Coalition for a Better Inglewood are challenging a ballot initiative sponsored by Wal-Mart that would allow the company to circumvent the normal planning process and build a supercenter in Inglewood, a predominantly African-American city in Los Angeles County. The two groups have filed a lawsuit challenging the Wal-Mart initiative, claiming that it violates state and local laws governing the planning process and the initiative process.

City of Los Angeles Community Impact Report
LAANE and the Growth With Justice Coalition will ask the Los Angeles City Council to establish a Community Impact Report policy, which would require developers of large projects to provide early and comprehensive information on how a proposed development will impact jobs, housing, neighborhood services and green space. The policy would also require a public meeting, giving communities a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Adams La Brea Center
Faced with a development that would have displaced 70 families and a dozen businesses, LAANE and community leaders convinced the City Council to start from scratch and ensure that this Central Los Angeles project provides affordable housing as well as good jobs.

San Diego

Development Tracking
CPI is currently developing a system that would track the progress of new developments and redevelopments, receiving significant public investment, throughout San Diego County. The tracking system will enable CPI and our allies to monitor and participate in the development process, and lead to potential Community Benefits Agreements.

Responsible Wage and Health Care Benefits Ordinance
Led by CPI, the San Diego Living Wage Coalition is working to ensure that recipients of financial assistance create jobs that pay self-sufficiency wages and provide health care.

Centre City Development Corporation Community Plan Update
CPI is actively engaging the downtown development process as it works to update the land use and planning documents that will guide downtown development for years to come. Working with a coalition of organizations, CPI’s goal is to ensure that the future of downtown is focused on the creation of good jobs, affordable housing, smart growth, neighborhood services and fiscal returns. The project includes releasing a retrospective study to measure the impacts the current redevelopment process has had on the downtown area.

Community and Economic Benefits Assessment (CEBA)
Working with the City of San Diego, CPI is developing a policy that would require a CEBA for major developments, in order to better educate the community on the potential impacts on job creation, affordable housing, community services, smart growth and fiscal returns.

San Jose

CIM Project
Working Partnerships USA is leading the effort to negotiate an agreement for living wage jobs, childcare and affordable housing at large retail and housing project in San Jose.

Community Benefits Initiative
Working Partnerships is currently heading a campaign along with an assortment of neighborhood, small business, faith and labor organizations to reform the process of public development in San Jose. The CBI would attach a two step process to all large subsidized development projects. First, a Community Impact Report would assess a project’s anticipated impact on a local community, followed by a Community Benefits Assessment that would attach recommendations to a project that address the neighborhood needs identified in the report.