Tools To Strengthen Our Communities

At the core of our efforts is a toolbox of community-centered policies to achieve accountable development at the local and state levels. Using these policies, we have already secured living wage jobs in numerous new development projects, brought tangible benefits such as parks and affordable housing to communities and opened up the development process to public involvement.

Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) — A CBA is a legally enforceable contract negotiated between community groups and a developer, setting forth a range of community benefits that the developer agrees to provide as part of a project in exchange for community support. These agreements are generally incorporated into a project’s “development agreement” between the developer and the city to increase their enforceability.

Community Impact Report (CIR) — A CIR is a tool used by local cities and redevelopment agencies to inform their policymaking around development. This report, required of large or subsidized developers, assesses the impact of a development on the city’s finances, affordable and neighborhood housing, employment and smart growth goals and compares it to the surrounding community’s needs for parks, housing and other services.

Community Benefits Policy (CBP) — A CBP is a set of baseline community benefits required of all major or subsidized developments. Some requirements may include: the creation of a CIR, living wages, strong inclusionary zoning and targeted hiring programs