A Six-Point Plan to Make Development Work for Communities

Make the case for a new approach to economic development. Through in-depth research, we are educating policymakers, business leaders and the public about the need to reform economic development.

Track and monitor new developments. We are building the expertise to identify and track crucial intervention points in the development process, allowing us to organize community input into a development before important approvals are made.

Organize communities to fight for accountable development. Bringing together workers, residents, clergy and community-based organizations, we are creating strong coalitions that can intervene in the decision-making process for new developments.

Win community-friendly development policies at the local level. Using research, organizing and coalition building, we are running policy campaigns that create standards for new development projects including good jobs, affordable housing, a healthy environment and neighborhood services.

Provide assistance to local groups pursuing accountable development. Drawing on our experience, we are offering technical assistance to organizations around California interested in mounting similar policy campaigns in their regions.

Build a network of regional organizations committed to accountable development. Recognizing our common agenda, we are forging deep alliances across California that will lay the foundation for state-level policy campaigns.