Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance
Building Local Power Throughout California

A key element of CPWF’s program is helping other organizations that want to reshape economic development in their region. Through our technical assistance project, we will develop a comprehensive training program to build and strengthen local accountable development efforts.

CPWF’s technical assistance project will offer help in the following areas:

Developing strong community leaders. CPWF’s members have a track record of recruiting and developing community members to take leadership roles in accountable development campaigns, and can help establish a successful community organizing program through mentoring and exchanges.

Monitoring new development projects. CPWF has developed a model for tracking development, and is able to help create an effective monitoring system.

Researching the local economic development process. CPWF has extensive experience in analyzing how economic development works in local municipalities, and can offer critical assistance in understanding this complex process.

Intervening in local development projects. CPWF member organizations can use their growing expertise with working with city staff and developers to train groups on how to intervene in a specific development project.

Developing policy initiatives on economic development. CPWF’s founding members have originated innovative policy proposals to reform economic development in their cities, and are uniquely positioned to help other groups develop similar proposals tailored to their areas.

Building coalitions around accountable development. CPWF’s member organizations have forged broad coalitions to reform economic development, and can provide guidance in how to bring together unions, community-based groups, religious leaders, environmentalists and social service agencies.

Fundraising for accountable development. CPWF’s founders have secured substantial grants for their development programs, and can advise other groups on making the case to funders for this exciting new area.

Educating policymakers and the public through communications. CPWF has successfully introduced the idea of accountable development through public forums, reports and media coverage, and can help devise a comprehensive communications plan.